Special Occassion OPTIONS

Whether its a golden anniversary, a special birthday, a wake or just an excuse to get together let us take away the hassle of sorting out a menu and food options for your event. We know what works well and we would love to talk through with you what your thoughts are and help you decide on the best catering choices. 


We have a fully stocked bar which, dependent on guest numbers, we will host for your event (at no extra cost to you!) and with 9 draft beers,ciders and ales on offer your guests will not be spoilt for choice!


We have experience of catering for small groups right up to events with over 500 attendees. So if its just a small get together or the full monty we are here to advise and help. As well as the sandwich, wraps and rolls choices (viewable under the meeting section above) please see below a selection of other dishes available - including of course the all important desserts!

What works best

We are asked this question all the time and it really comes down to the type of event we are catering for. The mini dishes that require cooking and heating work well when the food is walked around a group of people whereas the cold dishes are ideal for buffets and work well as canapes also. Once we know what type of event the choice of food it's relatively simple!

Contact Us

For an informal chat and further details about what we can offer please call Kay on 07792 126124

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Just A Selection of goodies

Mini Pulled Pork Sliders

18 succulent pulled Pork in BBQ sauce topped with cheddar cheese slices in a brioche bun.

Price £24

Vol Au Vents

36 small delicate vol au vents -12 peperonata and mozzarella, 12 smoked ham and cheese, 12 prawns in a cheese sauce.

Price £20

Vegetable Platter

Broccoli, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, baby corn with sour cream and chive dip. Vegetables may vary depending on season. (approx. weight 1.7kg)

Price £20

Mini Filled Croissants

24 mini croissants filled with a mixed smoked ham and cheese filing.

Price £22

Mini Cheeseburgers

18 mini beef burgers topped with cheddar cheese slices in a bun.

Price £24

Shrimp Platter

40 large, tail on shrimp with cocktail sauce and sweet chilli dip.

Price £24

Mini Hot Dogs

24 mini Pork frankfurters in a hot dog roll

Price £24

Antipasto Platter

Antipasto  serving approximatley - 12 people 10 slices Lonza stagionata, 5 slices Prosciutto di Parma, 10 slices Finocchio, 10 slices Salami Milano, 10 slices Ventricina Poccante, Nocellera Olives, Kalamata Olives, Feta cheese. 

Price £26

Mini Pies

60 mini pies - 30 chicken, bacon and leak pies in a creamy sauce and 30 minced steak pies in a rich ale gravy both made with a short crust pastry base and puff pastry top.

Price £25

Cranberry & Apple topped pies

24 cranberry & apple topped pork pies - 12 Apple Bramley Pork Pies and 12 Cranberry Pork Pies. Seasoned pork pies topped with juicy bramley apples and cranberries.

Price £24

Mini Pork Pies

24 Seasoned pork in a traditional crunchy pastry.

Price £22

Sausage Rolls

28 seasoned sausage meat covered in a rich golden puff pastry

Price £22

Just A Selection of desserts

Fruit Platter

Melon, pineapple, grapes, mango, apple and toffee sauce. Fruits may vary depending on season

Price £25

Mini Cheesecakes

48 mini baked cheesecakes on a digestive base - 12 lemon, 12 millionaires (caramel and chocolate), 12 blue berry, 12 strawberry.

Price £25

Cake Platter

40 piece cake platter - 5 Eclairs, 5 Finger Doughnuts, 5 Cream Scones, 5 Black Forest Muffins, 5 Carrot Cakes, 5 Chocolate Brownies, 5 Custard Slices & 5 Cream Slices

Price £25

Mini Dessert Platter

48 piece mini desserts -  6 Chocolate Shortbreads, 6 Fraiser Cakes, 6 Opera Cakes, 6 Eclairs, 6 Apricot & Pistachio Cakes, 6 Raspberry Shortbread, 6 Almond Lemon Sponge, 6 Cocoa Tarts.

Price £25

Shot glass Desserts

15 milk and dark chocolate panna cotta with a chocolate fondant – A layer of milk chocolate panna cotta, smooth creamy chocolate, topped with a dark chocolate fondant.

15 Sicilian lemon – whipped lemon panna cotta on a biscuit base topped with a tangy Sicilian lemon curd.

Price £25

Triple Chocolate Cups

12 triple chocolate cups - Layers of dark, milk and white chocolate panna cotta mousse topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Price £24

you may just want something basic and simple!

We understand that you may just want something nice and simple - so we have 3 buffet menus that do just that!

basic, simple and kids (pdf)


Please note menus are subject to change and salad garnishes are not included. Dishes are served on crockery and photographs are for illustrative purposes only. Please ensure you enquire about any allergens or food intolerances in advance of placing orders.