Other Events and Bar provision

We are confident that whatever event you are organising at Arbour Park we have the expertise and experience to help you maximise your attendees enjoyment. Through managing and organising the catering for Slough Town FC and other users of Arbour Park we believe that we have a good understanding of  what attendees and guests want from an event. So if you are organising a football match, a dance or anything that is attended by the public speak to oursleves about us offering bar and catering provisions to enhance your guests enjoyment.


We will open up the main bar and if numbers dictate we can open other smaller 'satellite bars' around the ground to ensure your visitors are kept  suitably refreshed. We have experience of regulary catering for over 1,000 people and as well as all the well  known and popular soft drinks we also offer a fully comprehensive bar list which includes a number of  excellent draft beers. 


Depending on what type of event we can cater for both small and large parties, we are just as happy catering for a children's party or a large football match attended by over 1,000 people - Sometimes we combine the two!

As an example for Slough Town FC and Chalvey Sports FC we provide a full bar and catering provision. Catering for football supporters is obviously a bit different than catering for a 60th birthday celebration so as an example food provided would include - cheeseburgers, pukka pies, chips, sausage rolls, soup, hot drinks etc. We also provide hot food after the game for over 40 players, management and officials and food provided as an example includes - cottage pie, pizza, salads, pasta, lasagne, beef stew and dumplings, chicken tikka masala, pasta bake and macaroni cheese. 

So as you can see we are pretty flexible!

childrens Parties

Whatever the age, parties are fun at Arbour Park! Whether its just  a few hours of fun and entertainment or your having a party at one of Slough Town FC's football matches - we are ready to support and help you plan your catering and drinks supply to the ever excited birthday guests. Whether its just jam sandwiches or sausage and chips we are happy to  talk through the best options with you. So just pick up the phone and give us a call!

kids menu

Please find details of menus for kids parties - We are flexible and would love to discuss any options with you! 

basic, simple and kids (pdf)


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