Bar Provision

If you require a bar provision for your event you certainly won't be disappointed with whats on offer at Arbour Park. Located centrally on the first floor and with great views the bar certainly provides a place where to welcome your guests and lends itself perfectly to create a buzz! Also, if your event warrants it we can open up other satellite bars which can be quite useful, particularly in summer when an outside bar could be  opened if necessary. With competive pricing why not let us look after your guests while you relax and enjoy yourself and provided you have over 50 guests there is no charge!

Keg and Draft Beers

At Arbour Park we have a fantastic selection of keg and draft beer including: Fosters, Heineken, Strongbow, John Smith's, Strongbow Dark Fruits, Rebel Lager, Guiness and Rebellion IPA. So there should be something to whet your guests appetite!

Wines, Bottled beer, Spirits

With a fully stocked bar we of course also sell all the wines, bottles beers (Peroni, Budweiser), bottled ales (Doombar, London Pride and Old Speckled Hen) and all the spirits that you would expect to find - however if you have any particular preferences please discuss this with us and we would be happy to consider stocking for your event.

Non Alcoholic

We pride ourselves on having a good selection of non alcoholic drinks and this incudes, J2O, Lucozade Sport, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Orange Juice, Sprite, Fanta, Tango, Dr Pepper, Fruit Shoots and of course bottled water!

Bar Snacks

At any time we have a number of bar snacks on offer and these include crisps, peanuts, mini cheddars, hola hoops and for the sweet toothed ones out there a fantastic selection of sweets!

Drinks menu and price list

Drinks Menu (pdf)